Dill Acquisition of EXACTRA, Inc.

We are excited to announce that Dill Air Controls has completed the acquisition of EXACTRA, Inc.

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About Us

EXACTRA is a family-owned organization operating since 1988 and specializing in the manufacture of Large Bore (LB), Super Large Bore (SLB), Super Extra Large Bore (SXL), and Super Giant Bore (SGB) tire inflating valves as well as various related inflating systems.

Our mission has always been to be totally dedicated to the off-the-road tires used in mining operations as well as construction sites. Our goal is, and always will be, to supply the industry with superior products and service at a competitive price.

EXACTRA was founded by Maurice Robitaille offering over 50 years of hands on experience in the mining and construction sectors of the Off-The-Road tire application. The experience acquired spanned from servicing the tires, to field engineering, to sales and marketing as well as manufacturing inflating systems.

During the past 20 years EXACTRA has developed and introduced (1995) the Super Extra Large Bore (SXL) to the industry which has since been imitated by other manufacturers. More recently, EXACTRA developed the Super Giant Bore (SGB) line of products which is an improved version of a similar product on the market.

Currently, with a view of providing more safety for the tire servicemen, EXACTRA has introduced an improved model of inflating adaptor for the Super Large Bore (SLB), Super Extra Large Bore (SXL) and Super Giant Bore (SLB). The features of this improved model can be seen on pages 8, 13 and 22 of our catalogue.

EXACTRA has the ability and expertise to develop special requirements such as high heat resistant hoses for applications where there is heat being generated due to high speeds, long hauls, heavy loads and/or vehicle design.



There are four different systems available to inflate OFF-THE-ROAD (OTR) tires, as follows:


Although identified as LARGE BORE, it does not really reflect the effectiveness when in use, as the actual bore is a mere 3/16″. However, when originally introduced, it did offer a significant improvement over the STANDARD bore products.


Introduced in the early 1970, SUPER LARGE BORE featured a huge improvement in the required time to inflate a large tire. The bore was improved from 3/16″ to just under 1/2″.

It is still one of the most popular systems, primarily because of minimum clearance needed over the SUPER EXTRA LARGE and SUPER GIANT bores. It is also the most cost effective system.


Introduced by EXACTRA in mid 1990’s, it improved the bore to just under 5/8″ thus reducing inflation time by as much as 50% over the SUPER LARGE BORE system. Since the various components are somewhat larger than those of the SUPER LARGE BORE, the application is limited to where there is sufficient clearance between the wheel/rim and the drive/ braking assembly.


This system was introduced by EXACTRA during the last decade. It offers a similar fl ow as that of another product of same bore, but is more user friendly. The bore was improved from just under 5/8″ for SUPER EXTRA LARGE to just under 3/4″ allowing for a further reduction in inflation time by as much as 50% over the SUPER EXTRA LARGE bore. Here the application is also restricted to vehicles that offer sufficient clearance between the wheel/rim and the drive/braking assembly.